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Recently named a NAMM Top 100 Dealer for 2018, Tim’s Music has been serving the band and orchestra community in the Sacramento area for over 40 years. Whether you are looking to purchase, rent, repair, or take lessons for your musical instrument, we have you covered! And be sure to check out our Recital Hall which hosts many events throughout the year, including clinics and classes, and can be booked for your next private event!

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Featured Instruments - Alphorn

The Alphorn (aka the alpenhorn or the alpine horn) is a 12 - 14 foot long, natural wooden horn with a conical bore. It originates from the mountainous regions of Europe where it was used for communication purposes by mountain dwellers of the Swiss Alps, Austrian Alps, Bavarian Alps in Germany, French Alps, and elsewhere. Today, it is used as a musical instrument that uses a mouthpiece that is similar to a brass mouthpiece. You may have seen one of these in the popular Ricola cough drops TV commercials!


"We'll Know What You're Talking About!" Tim's Music is here for all of your band and orchestral needs! Not only do we carry woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments from most major manufacturers; but we also carry all the accessories you will ever need! Our sales staff consists of highly-trained musicians that can assist you if you need advice on what will help you succeed in music!...



Are You Ready for Band Class this Fall? Sending the kids back to school is always hectic. Let band class be the one aspect of the whole back-to-school process that you won't have to worry about! Tim's Music has everything you need; from instrument rentals, to books, and all the accessories in between; let us be your go-to spot to get ready for band class this Fall.You can download our rental contract by clicking here....



Tim’s Music started on the bench over 40 years ago, and has continued to uphold the long standing traditions of craftsmanship in our repair shop. We do everything from the simplest musical instrument repairs to complete restoration services on all band and orchestra instruments. We offer electronic repairs on most any electronic equipment. Tim’s Music can also repair all of your guitars.Tim's Music has the first ultrasonic cleaner in the regi...


Count on Tim's to meet all of your educational needs! We offer lessons for a wide variety of instruments. All lessons are taught by professional musicians, and take place on-site in one of our 14 private studios! Schedule a lesson with one of our teachers (listed below) to start on the path of musical success today. https://www.youtube.com/Rr7UwC9zGf0 ...



Check out the latest updates on what's happening at Tim's!...

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Special Announcement for Rental Season!

Mondays from 10 am - 7 pm starting August 6th

In order to better serve your needs at the beginning of the school year, Tim's Music will be open on Mondays from August 6th to October 1st for sales, rentals, and lessons. 

Come on in and let us take care of your instrument and music education needs.


Thank you for making Tim's Music the best place on earth to work.


-Tim's Staff


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Camp Cleanings

Summer camp is such a great time. Lifelong memories are created, friendships are formed, progress is made on your musical journey, camp food is enjoyed... and loads of dust and dirt are introduced into your instrument and case.

Tim's Music offers a quick "Camp Cleaning" to take care of that damaging dust.

Come on in right after you return home, and we will take care of the past week's dust. No appointment is needed, just come on in.

Did you know that Tim's Music was just honored as a NAMM Top 100 music store?

See you shortly.

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